I believe that you are what you do most of the time - so I coach my clients into creating a sustainable way to both enjoy life and create results.!  My story is probably similar to yours - full of yo-yo diets, self loathing, and thinking that I'll never feel and look the way I want to.  That was a lie.  Within my coaching program are the the things you need to learn to properly fuel your body so that it looks, feels and performs at its very best.

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— nutrition coaching client

I learned SO much about how my body reacts to macro counting and the regimen she has me on WORKS!  I am now full of energy, crushing workouts, and sleeping through the night.

— nutrition coaching client

The scale didn't move but the pictures show progress - I see that my body does respond well to what you are teaching me and I thank you for that.

— nutrition coaching client

I am an emotional binge eater and I was so shocked when I didn't have a need for it anymore.  I was not craving sweets, never extra hungry, I have more energy and I'm sleeping better!

These are the products I believe in, trust, and recommend to my nutrition coaching clients.  If you want a head start on your health and to build your body and mind using foundational supplements, Modere is where you will find what your body is lacking.

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stop giving up on yourself.

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A podcast that will encourage you to get unstuck from a less than life. We offer tangible advice to help propel you forward in whatever aspect of your life you could use a little kick in the butt in.


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Fill out the questions below and within 24-48 hours I'll have a custom macro plan created and e-mailed to you!  After sending your answers, you can easily Venmo me at @Kristin-Ballard-15

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You're not too old. Your metabolism isn't broken. You're not too far gone. You just need a plan that's realistic for your life. You need to stop quitting when you don’t see results right away and embrace the motto of progress over perfection. And you need to be okay with being uncomfortable sometimes.  I'll guide you every step of the way.

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